Webdesign – what is it?

Sometimes it is thought that web design is just and only ‘creation of websites’.

And that any website creator is a web designer.

Well, at Oryon Design, we believe that this art (which is also a science), should help companies and their brands stand out in their respective markets with a website that converts visitors into customers.

In our eyes, that’s what a web designer is for. It is not a task that is limited to just creating websites (just because)… Truth beeing told, a website that is old, slow and confusing can only do one thing … hurt your reputation.

web design o que é

More than one Site.

Web design is not just websites.

What we call web design is the creation and management of a user’s entire website experience.

The web designer takes decisions from the structure to the layout. The careful selection of crucial elements such as images, colors, letters and graphics is paramount… and that ultimately determine how a potential customer perceives your company or brand.

Before Its existence.

If what you call web design did not exist today, probably all websites would look like this:

without web design

Exact. It would be just a bunch of text without any hint of elegance. I would have a hard time reading any kind of information if it were presented like this. As such, the web designer has a fundamental importance these days.

Without web design, all websites would be text only, and someone who would need a website to sell products or services would have a hard time doing it.

After its existence.

Today, with the evolution of web design, we have been able to create websites in such a way that their appearance and message have an emotional impact. Today, the experience of making an online purchase is so familiar and safe, that we do it without thinking twice. Why?

Because the evolution of this science allows us to enjoy an experience (like going to the mall) without leaving home.

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