How to use a good website

When we first think of creating a website for our business, we often imagine just a series of static internet pages that people can read …

However, I can tell you that this assumption could not be further from reality.
Throughout this article, you will understand why, as we explore several advantageous strands that a site brings us.

Advantage 1 – Increased credibility

It’s well known that we all seek information on the most varied topics on the internet including products and services. So if your company is there and featured prominently on the first page of Google, it will beat your competition which is not there.

Imagine that someone is looking for data for your business and finds a professional website. The mental value that this person attaches to your business will increase dramatically.

Advantage 2 – Acquisition of new contacts

As the visitor interacts with your website, there are several ways to obtain their contacts, such as their email. This visitor´s contacts are more well known in the digital marketing world as leads.

There are several strategies to merit the contacts of visitors, such as: offering a newsletter with quality content, offer coupons, information on promotions and availability of products or a lead magnet offering a valuable quiz, information e-book, etc…

There are therefore a number of strategies for getting visitor’s contact informations (leads) when we have a well thought out and structured website.

If this strategy is well thought, your company may accumulate these new leads, which may be useful later, for instance for an email marketing campaign.

This way you can create campaigns that go almost completely free to sell your services and products, as you have been able to join these contacts through your website without investing in paid advertising. Email marketing will be one of the most effective ways to do this, but there are other alternatives.

Remember: if your initial visitors gave willingly their contacts, it means that they are already interested in the area of business of what your company has to sell. This way your campaign will not be a shot in the dark, as happens with many paid campaigns.

This way these contacts are worth gold!

Advantage 3 – Expansion

Imagine all the potential of connecting your website with social networks.
With a website and using digital marketing tools such as content marketing. The potential for acquiring new customers that would not be accessible by other channels is tremendous, therefore.

Advantage 4 – Resource Saving

By being able to present all your products, values, location, events etc … on the web, your company saves human resources that would have to give repeatedly this information to customers.

What value does it bring, having an operator spend several hours a day repeatedly explaining the location, or what is the store opening hours?

These resources can be channelled to your company’s growth, in an area where they make a real difference.

On a website, you can also create an FAQ section with the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Direct contact with clients to provide information takes a long time.

Whether it’s talking directly to the phone or by messaging systems.

Of course, human contact is sometimes useful. Because it brings more closeness to the customer as well as a more human interaction. Yes, of course, but let´s keep this investment for when it truly brings an added value.

In conclusion: all information and products can be shown on your website which can enable you to save lots of resources.

Advantage 5 – Return on investment(ROI)

Although it seems an initially high investment, this is far from reality.

A well-designed website is your best public relations as well as over time your investment will be returned to you multiple times.

Compared to other media such as television, radio, newspapers, websites are relatively inexpensive. On the other hand, it brings you resource savings, as we talked about in the previous item.

Advantage 6 – Total control

On a website there is absolute control of the information you want to share and when and how you want to share it. There are no intermediate platforms on which your company depends to show information, so there are no consequences when external companies like facebook change their policies.

Whenever there is a change in your products, campaigns, etc., there is the possibility of changing easily the information.

Advantage 7 – Pre-Selection

On your site, you can share testimonials of people who were very happy with your work. You can also share the portfolio of the work you already have done.
You’ve probably heard of Robert Cialdini’s 6 principles of persuasion. This is exactly one of them: the principle of social validation: “If others like it, it is probably good.”

Advantage 8 – 24 hours per day

Your company information can be easily found through a website. It is not dependent on the working hours of a fixed store.

It does not matter if it’s holiday, weekend or early morning.

Your future customers may be looking for exactly the information of what your business offers!

Advantage 9 – Accurate measurement systems

You can carefully measure all customer’s steps on a website.

You can also see how the company is spreading and how the public is reacting to the campaigns. With a website you can measure the number of hits, time of highest traffic, number of visitors and so on, pages viewed, CTA’s made.

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