Copywriter: Why hire one?

Want to sell a product online? Raise the customer’s appetite for your service? Do you want your content to be totally consumed, generating likes, shares, leads, sales or loyal followers? Do you want to keep your email list true to you? With opening stats and high clicks? Free from bounce rates or dangerous unsubscribes?

Well, if you do not know the word copywriting, it encompasses all of this, and more.

In the digital world, the copywriter is the subject that feeds the needs of your target market with the purpose of selling.


What? Huh? Can you be more specific?


I can! But first let me tell you about the purpose of the copywriter.

Now, with the breakup of the digital world, the copywriter is no longer seen only as the subject responsible for the writing of advertisements, catalogs, or brochures – and has come to play an even more active (and creative) role in the relationship between the consumer and businesses.

For all intents and purposes, the copywriter is that writer who leads readers to follow a specific action. Whether this is a phone call, the purchase of a product or the registration for the appearance at an event.

Because unlike newspaper writing where the main purpose is to inform the consumer – the copywriter aims to strengthen the relationship between consumers and businesses so that they generate revenue.

And you want to know the most interesting?

Just as consumer and marketing strategies are evolving – the copywriter also does so through the knowledge they get from the industries in which they operate, being always aware of the latest and most effective marketing methodologies in the market. But more importantly, the copywriter adapts to changes and phases of consumer awareness – more easily reaching the ‘pressure’ points that drive many of us to want x product or service even when it’s not the most logical choice.


The Modern Copywriter.


Without being modest, I can say with complete certainty that a copywriter’s writing is everywhere – yes, it is part of a 3 trillion euro industry worldwide.

Brands like Apple, Walmart, Volkswagen, Rolls Royce … all these use a copywriter or a team of copywriters to generate revenue.

Do you know the TV commercials? Scripts are written by copywriters!

Nowadays a copywriter is crucial for any company – even a nonprofit organization. For the copywriter has the power of persuasion that leads audiences to contribute to a cause.

That said, today’s copywriter may not be the copywriter of tomorrow.

On today’s world, a copywriter is in a position where, in addition to having fundamental skills such as market research, excellent writing, and knowledge of consumer psychology – he will also know:

  • Write blog posts and more informative content, aiming to get likes and shares on the web;
  • Apply the best SEO practices, including keyword research to help a website rank better in the search engines;
  • About HTML and best practices to apply for SEO purposes;
  • About Design and how to use wireframes to present a graphic representation of your content in an appealing format, including using Canvas to complement that same content;
  • Email Marketing to the point of maintaining a healthy list, and with a high level of interaction, so that maximum conversion is achieved;

Marketing at the level of Social Networks, in order to nurture and achieve a closer connection to the target market, sell products and create campaigns.

In addition, for simplicity, you can see a copywriter working on:

  • Blog posts – White paper
  • Emails – Press Releases
  • E-books – Newsletters
  • Posts  on Social Networks – Ads: Facebook, Twitter, Google
  • Study cases Ads, Instagram etc
  • Product revisions – Business Plans
  • Sales pages – Websites
  • Opt-in forms –  Product Descriptions

So many things! But the truth is that not all copywriters work on all this areas. Specialization is needed!

You’ll find email marketing expert copywriters, Facebook Advertisement experts, and others who prefer and are more talented at creating article content and blog posts – and you’ll also find copywriters who are experienced on multiple fronts.

It is important that you find the one that is right for your business.

A copywriter who has experience in the industry where you belong. Or at least be willing to do the research necessary to become knowledgeable about your product and the target market itself.

Regardless of your choice, a good copywriter will help you take a huge step in the quality of interaction with your consumers.

And when that happens = sales.

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